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Checked bags being lost

Explorer B

Curious as to how others have done with checked luggage? Is SWA good with it? Is it safe to check or is it likely to go lost or be delayed


Re: Checked bags being lost

Aviator A

Very low - don't check anything you can't live without or valuable as there is some slight risk.


Priceless item times 0.005 still equals priceless.


Here's an infographic from a CNET article that you might enjoy on the topic. You can see there is a range from 1 to 6 per 1,000 so the rate of mishandling is less than half a percent for Southwest.


If you can, I'd suggest to put an airtag in the bag as a fall back measure in case it does go missing - which still you are likely to get it back even if it is delayed - but then on the rare occasion it goes missing and can't be found you may be able to provide some direction.



Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Checked bags being lost

Explorer B

Thanks. I'm hoping to do carry on only but we may bring some extra stuff that wouldn't matter as much .. possibly foods to eat at destination. 

Re: Checked bags being lost

Aviator C

We use air tags in our luggage.  We know exactly where they are and if anyone tells us otherwise, we show them the tracking.


I anticipate a new level of debate with the advent of air tags.  If Southwest "claims" that your bags are in Houston, but your own device shows them to be at your home airport sitting in the back, who's information will be regarded as primary?


It is time for Southwest to modernize their luggage policies.  I see too many cases where people are complaining about luggage.  And, in the other post, if Southwest observed that the package was overstuffed and susceptible to damage, the article should have been refused.


Also, anyone trying to bring an item on a plane that is oversized, or the number of articles exceed the count and type, I am proposing that the FAA levy a fine of $1,000 which must be immediately paid in order to fly.  No exceptions.