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Collapsible wagon

Explorer C

Can I gate check a collapsible wagon like I would a stroller? (We are flying Southwest). My daughter is a bit too big for her stroller so we use a wagon for theme parks, etc & I want to bring it on the trip but I don’t want to get stuck at the gate and not be able to take her wagon with us.


Re: Collapsible wagon

Aviator A

Re: Collapsible wagon

Adventurer B

I just flew with my granddaughter a few weeks ago on another airline and we had a collapsible wagon and the crew happily took it at the jetway which is what my daughter in law assured me would happen as she has flown several times with it.  I was really worried right up until that moment that we boarded.  The attendant at the counter wasn't quite sure either when we checked our bags.  But, they were more than accommodating at the gate.  I am sure that will be the same here. I find SWA to be very accommodating for these kinds of things. Have you seen some of the stuff that gets gate checked?? LOL I think you will have no trouble.