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Re: Companion Pass Boarding with Business Select

Aviator A

@commishg wrote:

This situation is proof that no good deed goes unpunished.  A passenger generates additional revenue for Southwest by upgrading to Business Select, but that causes both her daughter and her to be penalized by separating them in the boarding line.  Middle Seat posted a good solution to the problem.  We can only hope that Southwest has the wisdom to adopt it.  I have the same situation coming up later this month, and sadly I fear the same outcome as the lady who posted the original message.

If the situation continues - I'd expect if this comes up often you'll be an A-list soon? A-list is really the bread and butter for Southwest more than an occasional upgrade to Business Select, so I think to temper expectations the typical Business Select customer isn't necessarily in the A List or A List Preferred groups and would be "third tier" among the regular customers.


Then as a regular flyer on Southwest you'll get the companion to be adjacent to you as intended by the program.


As you mentioned, there's no real harm especially in the case of your companion being a child. I can see where the logic might be more difficult if they upgraded an adult companion that doesn't end up sitting next to the CP holder. 


So my suggestion is next time if this comes up: offer the gate to board at A15 and A15.1 so you aren't squeezing out any of the other BS tickets (if any!) - just keep asking, you'll get some favors although not guaranteed, if not then it will have to be family boarding. 


I probably won't write a letter, I don't see it as that big of a hole and I've always been happy with family boarding. If you are making the BS upgrade primarily for points then great, still use family boarding just like you would have before. 


Especially once you have A-list you won't want or need BS for boarding position so this seems like a short term issue if you are really flying that often.





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Re: Companion Pass Boarding with Business Select

Explorer B

I do have A-List now which is great but the point is the extremely targeted exclusion for those that upgrade. It doesn’t make sense in my book when you allow unlimited party members to board with A-List and A-List Preferred. It’s also much more difficult to obtain the A-List status given the eligible point rules. That’s why I upgrade as often as I do. I agree that the difficulty in obtaining that status does make it ‘special’ and worthy of specific perks but I don’t believe it merits penalizing the specific few that upgrade to BS and have a CP traveling. Many of us secure and maintain that A-List status by traveling with BS tickets and in turn are frustrated doing so. Even if I am paying the higher fare primarily for the points, why should I have to give up the other benefits after already earning the elite status of a CP holder?