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Corporate falling down on communications

Explorer A

2018 travel box embargo has NOT been announced yet. Historically, it will be published the day it takes affect (Nov 15?) and existing ticket holders will NOT get an email concerning same.


Search on "Embargo" for 2016/17. The special notice will disappear once the embargo is lifted instead of leaving it up. Even prior dates would give customers a clue of what will come.


There may be a solution, with bags being sold for $25 (ala American Airlines) but there is no explaination of the bag size.


I mentioned the email because on a blog/discussion about expiring Rewards miles, a customer lost his miles while Corporate said their policy is to send a warning email. The customer rep had informed me that emails were sent concerning embargo dates but this was a falsehood also.


Tangent; the scroll slide on the right side of some screens disappears (moves right, off the screen) and I don't know if it is a Windows 7 bug or a new SW feature making it impossible to hit the mouse-right-click-for-page-down.


No offense taken if this goes "poof." Community is constrained and last year CustService admitted to not being able to get an answer in Sept or Oct.


Re: Corporate falling down on communications

Aviator A

Any updates to these items that you can share?