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Employee Flight Cancellation

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My employee has taken ill and will not be able to travel on September 13th.  I booked and paid for his flight yet it appears that the flight credit will go to him - the traveler - rather than to me - the payer.


I'd like to know how I could manage to get the credit transferred to my name as this particular employee doesn't travel often for us as opposed to other employees that do.  I'd like to have that flexibility to apply that credit for one of my other employees where I'll be booking a SW flight in the future.


Re: Employee Flight Cancellation

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If you booked a Wanna Get Away fare, then the rules are pretty specific -- any travel fund belongs to the ticketed passenger - regardless of who paid for the ticket..


If you booked any other kind of fare, then you could either get a travel fund that anyone could use or a refund.


You could always appeal to the airline, but I think it would do no good. I am unaware of any variance to the policy for any reason short of death.


To appeal, click on "contact us" below and proceed.


Is there any chance your employee could recover in the next 11 days?

Re: Employee Flight Cancellation

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Travel credits from cancelations of non refundable fares (Wanna Get Away) are always issued in the name of the traveling passengers, not the person paying for the ticket. For future purchases you could purchase Wanna Get Away Plus fares which, when canceled, receive credits that can be transferred one time and have employees transfer the credits to you or another employee. Alternatively, you could book fully refundable Anytime or Business Select fares to get a refund back to your form of payment.


For the current issue you want to address there does appear to be a loophole that might be usable until Southwest figures out how to close it. Have the employee book a Wanna Get Away Plus fare to anywhere using the credit they currently have. Then immediately cancel it and it should be transferable. Have them transfer the credit to the person of your choice. You only get one shot to transfer so pick wisely.