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Flying after covid

Explorer C

My family and I scheduled to fly with domestic swa in about a week. 4 of the 5 of us will be about 10 days passed the end of the cdc recommended quarantine and over symptoms. One of my children had Covid 4 months ago and has tested negative. Assuming he continues to test negative before our flight are we all (4 who recently had Covid & one who is negative) safe to fly to LAX? 
Does LAX require documentation of recent positive tests and end of quarantine? (Plus the negative test for my son).


Re: Flying after covid

Aviator A

No documentation is required to travel anywhere in the continental United States. Thank you for being cautious. 



Re: Flying after covid

Aviator A

You don't need proof of vax or a negative test to fly anywhere within the continental United States, so as long as you are feeling well you should be fine! Of course, if you are unwell, have symptoms, or test positive, I would recommend postponing your trip.