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Holiday Travel Fares

New Arrival

Fares are tripled for week before and after Thanksgiving! I think this is very poor policy!


Re: Holiday Travel Fares

Active Member

Why would you think this is a poor policy?  SWA is in the business to make money.  I want them to make money so they can succeed.


We live in a capitalistic society where the pricing of services is determined by supply and demand.  There is always a demand for flights around the holidays.


Re: Holiday Travel Fares

Top Contributor

It's very common for prices to go up during the holiday season. With Southwest blocking middle seats through November this will also cause prices to increase because flights will fill up to the max capacity faster. 


The best thing to do is keep checking the low fare calendar in case a cheaper price becomes available as prices change all the time. 



Re: Holiday Travel Fares

Top Contributor

Looks like we're back to pre-pandemic holiday fares.  There were some great deals out there for holiday travel about a month ago.  Early bird gets the worm.  I wouldn't be too surprised to see some last minute holiday deals once people decide they are just going to stay home and aren't actually going to travel, but that's just a guess.