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How to use travel funds

Explorer C

Hi, I'd like to use my travel funds to purchase a ticket and have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to on the website.


I have several different refunds from several changes, all in my name, all expiring on the same date. 


  1. Can I purchase a ticket with several different travel funds all in my name? i.e. on fund is aprox $30 another is aprox $200
  2. Once I purchase that ticket with funds can I change that ticket and get any unused funds back? 



Re: How to use travel funds

Aviator A

When making a purchase you can use 3 items of payment to complete the purchase.  So, if you have 3 travel funds that when combined would equal more than the purchase price you can use 3 travel funds.  You can also use 2 travel funds and a credit card.


If you cancel or change a flight paid for with a travel fund or multiple travel funds, the credit is given back to you in the form of a single travel fund with the expiration date of the earliest expiration of the travel funds you used to make the original purchase.


If you have lots of small travel funds you can combine them by using 3 funds to purchase a random cheaper flight, then cancel it and now you have a single fund worth the value of the fare you just purchased.



Re: How to use travel funds

Frequent Flyer A

Yes you can combine travel funds from different reservations

Yes you can have them "refunded" but not to cash, they go back to the old travel fund with the same expiration date 

Re: How to use travel funds

Aviator A

You sure can, I recently did this myself with a few travel funds I have, but a note of caution that *if* you apply travel funds and then cancel your flight, your resulting travel funds will be given the expiration date of the earliest travel funds that you applied to your reservation.


So, let's say you book a flight on January 1, 2022. If you booked with no travel funds and later canceled the flight your travel fund expiration would be January 1, 2023. But let's say you had a travel fund that was expiring on May 1, 2022 that you wanted to use up. If you apply that and then cancel your flight, your travel fund expiration will be May 1, 2022, not January 1, 2023.


Southwest explains this, and more Travel Fund FAQ, on this page: