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Itinerary Sent to Others Without My Consent

Explorer C

I recently booked a flight and I did not use the "share with others" feature, but my itinerary was sent to others anyway. I checked my RR account settings and there are no other email addresses except mine in the account. I definitely do not want all my Southwest bookings sent to others without my knowledge. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Thanks!


Re: Itinerary Sent to Others Without My Consent

Aviator A

My guess would be that something autofilled in the webpage when ordering if there isn't a record of it in your Rapid Rewards profile.


Was it someone that you had previously sent an itinerary to before?


Other than that I think you might need to call customer service to find out where the addresses came from so that you can find out if it was during ordering, or from somewhere in your profile.

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