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Lack of Electrical Outlets On Planes

Explorer C

I had a life threaten experience on August 6, 2017 aboard flight 5173 that left Atlanta Ga approximately 11:33 pm bound for Columbus, OH.


I have Chronic bronchitis and was in need of a breathing treatment. I don't know if it was due to a drop in cabin pressure or the altitude. I fly several times a year with various airlines and this has never happened to me before. I had my portable nebulizer with me but was informed by the flight attendant the was no electrical outlet on the plane.


I panicked which added to my inability to breathe. Just so happened that a military medic was aboard and he took my vitals do to my inability to breathe my potassium dropped to 49, heart rate was 83 and my oxygen level was 73. Thank God for the medic.


I was met at the gate by airport medics and rushed to the hospital and spent 3 days there. There has to be something in place to assist passengers when electrical power is needed. Especially in a life and death situation like this.


I have done my research and according to most post every plane has electrical outlets in the gallery but there was none on this plane. Or, why didn't the attendants know where one was located?


It would have really been sad if I had lost my life because of my inability to receive a breathing treatment. There are portable electrical apparattus that can be placed on the plane for instances like this.


Also I was informed by the Emergency medic that there is an apparatus that looks like a mask for the nebulizer that can be placed on the plane that can be attached the oxygen tank that converts it to a nebulizer for breathing treatments for instances like this.


Who do I talk to bring awareness to a situation such as this?


Thank God that I did not die.


Re: Lack of Electrical Outlets On Planes

Aviator A

That's scary, glad to hear you were able to receive treatment at the destination.


No idea about the nebulizer idea or who to contact, but I would bring a portable battery for your own device in the future if you aren't certain to have access to a standard receptacle.

Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Lack of Electrical Outlets On Planes

Explorer C

Thanks for your input I already ordered one.