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Large Service Dog Ticket

Explorer C

I am planning on travelling in the next few months and I have a large(ish) service dog. I'm pretty sure she won't fit at my feet since she just barely made it down there as a yearling, (she's about half a head higher now and a bit broader). Also this was with a normal row, not a bulkhead. She's 70 pounds now if that matters. I've read that I would have to buy a second ticket if she doesn't fit. How does that actually work? Should I just buy the ticket in advance to make sure there aren't problems? If I have to buy a ticket on the spot and the plane is already fully booked will I be de-boarded and put on stand-by?


Re: Large Service Dog Ticket

Aviator A

Purchasing another seat for a service animal may be an option on other airlines, but I have not heard of Southwest offering this option and see nothing in the service animal policy that would indicate they do.


I'd suggest you reach out to Customer Relations to discuss your options.

Contact Customer Relations 

Additionally, you can reach that group via private message on Facebook or Twitter so you can get info without waiting on hold.



Re: Large Service Dog Ticket

Explorer C

Thank you