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Left Painting on Plane

Explorer C

My husband and I flew from LGA to DAL (flight 445) yesterday, February 25, 2019. We are expecting a little girl in a few months and purchased an original painting of an elephant from an artist in New York City. It was rolled up, beige canvas side out, and wrapped in clear plastic. The rolled up painting is approximately 3' long. We stored it between the window and seat armrest on the 3rd row, right side of plane. Since our flight was delayed multiple times, we were in a hurry to get off the plane to go pick our dogs up from the boarder before they closed. We left the painting and I am heartbroken that it is gone. I filled out a lost item report, and also spoke with Dallas lost items, as well as Austin lost items (the plane went on to Austin after we got off). If anyone finds this, please let me know. I am really hoping it turns up. Any advice? Thanks.


Re: Left Painting on Plane

Aviator A

Hope that you find the painting.


You have already done the most important thing you can do: fill out a lost item report. Now you just have to wait for Southwest's proces of matching found items with item reported lost to complete.


Good luck.