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Lost Luggage- good luck.

Explorer C

Do not check a bag. I repeat. Do not check a bag.

I have had a terrible experience with this, so here is the truth. No one will reimburse you for what you have to buy. I was on a work trip on Southwest  from Montana to Los Angeles. My bag was lost or maybe stolen. I reported it at LAX that very moment. There was nothing they could do except take the report. Waited the 5 days and still no bag. Southwest wanted receipts for the items in the bag so that they could reimburse me the amount I was requesting. I don't save all of my receipts, some, but not all. I did have some of my favorite items in that luggage including a few bday gifts that I had just received, a white Patagonia vest, a new dry bar hair dryer, my new  Seve Madden black boots, lulu pants, make up bags etc, you know the drill. The Southwest rep suggested I look back at all of my credit card bills and send to them. I sent what I could, but of course it wasn't able to cover everything. The total possible refund could be 3500.00, but you have to have proof of purchase for everything including the luggage itself. 

3 months later, I was sent an email stating they were going to pay out partial and that was that.  So, don't check a bag, or maybe buy a bag tracker for your suitcase, or carry on 2 bags, whatever you need to do. People steal so be aware and there is nothing you can do about it.  I travel for work, but will not check a bag again. Lesson learned.


Re: Lost Luggage- good luck.

Explorer B




Re: Lost Luggage- good luck.

Aviator A

Sorry to her of your problems.


The reality is every domestic airline handles these situations the same way. So, if had been  flying Frontier, or Almerican or, yes, even Delta, the situation would have been much the same.


Southwest does not lose many bags, but it does lose some. 


Yes you are absolutely right about using airtags.