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Luv Voucher & Fee Refund

New Arrival

I used a LUV voucher to pay for a roundtrip flight. Since LUV Vouchers are not redeemable to use for any of the fees, I used my credit card to pay the $41 in fees. I have now canceled this flight. I received a credit for the $169 I used of my LUV Voucher, but have not received any refund/credit for my security fees. How are these refunded? 


Re: Luv Voucher & Fee Refund

Top Contributor

Was the total purchase $169? I'm guessing the $169 was the full fare price and includes the taxes and fees paid so the travel fund you received includes the taxes and fees. You can verify this by looking at the purchase confirmation email you received. If the original price was $210 then you are still due a refund of the $41. When you canceled it would have specified where that was going if it was in addition to the $169. Check the confirmation email you received after canceling to see if it has the details. If it's not in email and total purchase price was $210 then you'll need to reach out to Southwest via phone, live chat in the Southwest app, or private message on Twitter (@SouthwestAir).