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Maui OGG flights

Explorer C

I realize Hawaii flight have just begun.  Why is it that I can find an outbound connecting flight to OGG in September or October but NO return flights at all , using the online booking and schedule calendar?


Re: Maui OGG flights

Aviator A
What is your home airport?

If you are heading beyond the west coast then Southwest likely does not have a flight that leaves Hawaii early enough to make a connecting flight before operations "shut down" for the evening. You'd need a red eye from Hawaii or a red eye for your connecting flight to make the times work but those are not currently available.

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Maui OGG flights

Aviator A

The workaround at this time is to book the available SW option TO Hawaii and then to book the return trip in two legs: 

  1. Hawaii to California (spend the night)
  2. California to home (the next morning)
-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Maui OGG flights

Explorer C

I am having the same issue, I'm so frustrated, I have waited to book my hawaii flight for over thanksgiving, and have my outbound flight booked, but cannot find anything for when I want to return. There are NO flights available on the 30th (unless I break up my trip, which at that point it just becomes exhausting), and the ones on the 29th and 1st are sold out (only one option both days). The only option I found was one that flew into Oakland flight #: 2870 and lands at 4:15, and then a connecting flight back to MCI at 5:15 or something...but flight 2870 shows as sold out when searching for it independently, but it shows up as the first leg of an itinerary that ends up in LAX, which i find interesting??? can someone help me understand that?  


Obviously the demand is there as I tried booking the day they extended the dates out, but I'm pretty frustrated because all of the prices are EXTREMELY high right now on other airlines, so i fear I missed my deadline to get an affordable flight.


I have my companion pass, hundreds of thousands of SW points, etc. just want to be able to have more flight options, I've been looking forward to the hawaii trips SO much as I knew we were going in 2019!