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Re: Max 8 Cancellations

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@maggie1954 wrote:

I understand and understood all what you noted.  What I am hearing is American is giving notice of fllight cancellations weeks in advance whereas WN is several days. I think we know that the plane will not be in service until at least early to mid-May, therefore I hope your flight schedule is set until at least that time period and not just several days at a time.  My thanks for your great product!  

American is a little less flexible than Southwest since they fly so many different aircraft types.


Southwest - although I'm sure they have the general plan in place that you are describing - may be making some adjustments as they go since a flight previously provided by a MAX8 could be substituted with a 737-800 if one is available and in position, or with a 737-700 which would then be oversold by up to 35 seats but 140 people could still continue with their trip as previously booked.




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Re: Max 8 Cancellations

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Hopefully the latest news that Southwest is now adjusting the schedule through the end of May helps ease some of the pain:

"The airline [Southwest], which has more Max 8s than any U.S. carrier, has decided to keep its 34 Max 8s out of its flight schedule through at least May, according to a memo sent to the airline's pilots late Friday."

"'We’re publishing a revised schedule for April and May that is built around the currently available Southwest fleet and intends to reduce drastically last-minute trip disruptions and same-day cancellations which have affected our customers and employees since the grounding of the Max,' the airline said in a statement."

Full article is here:

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Re: Max 8 Cancellations

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SW is canceling flights only 5 days out because it allows them to continue selling tickets for flights that they will eventually have to cancel. SW is, essentially, overselling tickets on purpose by accepting non-refundable fares that it does not expect to ticket. Shame!!!

Re: Max 8 Cancellations

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How does keeping Max8’s out of service for longer fix anything? The planes were taken out of service through May because they won’t be cleared to fly before then.