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Open seating

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Southwest open seating. Flight 5477 from RSW to CMH 7/17/21.
Check-in late, so of course, we were last to board. Travel with a teen daughter, her friend, and my wife. So I upgraded our seat to be first to board. We were able to sit together. I notice when getting on the plane other passager were saving seats. A few others upgraded only one ticket and held the seat beside them. We were to sit further away from the front of the plane. So proud of our Ohio Cheaters. NOT
They need to announce at boarding that cheating/ saving seats could void tickets or something.

Again it was serval passengers that did this.  


Re: Open seating

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What you experienced has been a point of contention in the past.


Southwest  does not have a seat saving  policy - either pro or con

Re: Open seating

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Yep, saving seats is a thing. That's what happens when you don't have assigned seating on an airplane. There are family members or couples who want to sit together but are in different boarding groups. IMO, it's not a big deal for me as a solo traveler. I always find a seat on the plane to my liking.



Re: Open seating

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A seat map would brake the webpage. A new reservations network is a waste of money for airlines in these hard times.