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Pet policy

Explorer C

Online it stated small animals are allowed on the plane not specifying rodents aren’t considered a small animal to them I guess.
Why can’t my small animal(chinchilla) ride with me in the plane as my carry on. Especially if I’m traveling inter island from Oahu to big island. I am completely mortified. I bought a chinchilla under the impression you guys allow small animals and now I can’t take her home with me. It doesn’t make any sense. 


Re: Pet policy

Frequent Flyer A

The pet policy on Southwest Airlines is very clear...cats and dogs only.  If you had followed the pet policy directions, you would have had to call to make your pet's reservation...and then would have found out that your chinchilla would not have been allowed to fly.  I'm sorry you found out the hard way.


Specific to your case:

We welcome small, vaccinated domestic cats and dogs in an appropriate pet carrier in the cabin on domestic flights.


Space is limited, so we ask that you make a reservation in advance by calling us.