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Me and my children flew from New Orleans to St. Louis on flight WN2007 and then continued on to Minneapolis from St Louis on flight 1681. My son has a blankie that is blue and tattered and torn that he lost somewhere on this trip. This blankie has been with him through 2 open heart surgeries and is his most prized possession please God if anyone has saw this item let me know. It is too late right now to get a hold of anyone anywhere. I will wake up immediately tomorrow to make phone calls. 


Re: Please Help

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If you haven’t done so already, fill out a lost item report at

That covers it if you left the blanket on the plane.  If you may have left it at an airport you’ll need to contact the individual airport and follow their lost item process. Hopefully you can get the blanket back.



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Re: Please Help

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The flight was June 5th?  I will reach out to someone I know at the MSY airport, but no guarantees.  Can you send a private message with an address in case something amazing happens?

Re: Please Help

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No luck at the New Orleans airport. 

Hopefully you saw all these FAQs on the SWA website already?


Good luck and let us know if it is found.  Fingers crossed for you.