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Poor services

Explorer C

Entire trip/experience on Southwest was horrible. Boarded flight on time in MKE on 6/3 early am. Plane pulled away but then pilot returned to gate because of a mechanical problem. We sat in plane about 2 - 2 1/2 hours before departing. This caused us to miss an important family event at destination. Arrived at FLL on 6/6 two hours prior to departure to be told our flight was delayed (no advance notice, we could have spent more time with family before leaving for airport). Flight kept getting pushed back due to weather. Many SW flights were being delayed & canceled. The communication from SW staff at airport was lacking and inconsistent. When we finally boarded about 3 or so hours late, we were told we definitely would NOT miss our connecting flight in ATL to MKE by a supervisor named Richard Greene and that if by the off chance we did that SW would put us in hotel for night there. After boarding, the pilot had to park plane & kill engines on runway for at least 1 hour before we took off. We arrived in ATL about 2am and the MKE flight had departed prior to us arriving. SW Gate agents had no idea what was going on, and were no help. We waited in a line at the counter for well over 30 minutes while the agent helped the 1 customer in front of us. She finally called for help and a 30-something Hispanic make who claimed he was a supervisor and his name was Will (but later refused to let us see his name tag, give us a card or write his name down for us). We have never been treated so poorly anywhere! I was understandably tired & frustrated, however I was not loud or disrespectful. "Will" was offering to book us at on a morning flight and showed us options. One was leaving at 5:30 am but had plane change in Orlando. We were obviously hesitant to go back into Florida with weather still bad. The other option was not departing until 3:30pm and this would cause me to miss an entire day of work which was impossible. I was questioning him on other alternatives or what else SW could do. He got extremely loud and shouted at me to "Just make a choice!" This caused other disgruntled passengers in line behind us to start shouting things at me & my wife. This went on for several minutes, him yelling things like he had been at work since 5 am, there were lines of people at this counter & another -- both things that clearly had nothing to do with me - the customer. He did eventually book us on a flight, but at no point apologized nor offered us any amends. WE will never fly SW


Re: Poor services

Retired Community Manager

Hi @michjas4,


The Southwest Community is a question and answer forum where Customers can help each other out with common travel-related inquiries. It is not one of our Customer Service platforms. Please reach out to us via any of the channels listed here, and we'll be glad to take a closer look at your situation. 


Re: Poor services

Explorer A
But I do appreciate that he posted about his experience as I've experienced the same bad customer service from SW. It's good info for the community so we're better equipped to weigh our options when choosing an airline.