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Question about toiletries

Explorer C
I read the policy that states each person is allowed 1 quart sized bag of toiletries. How strict are they on that? I don't fly much at all and I've been collecting travel sized bottles of everything I need for a week long trip but it definitely won't all fit in one quart sized bag. Someone I am traveling with said not to put any toiletries in the carry on because they'll dump them out??? He said he had to learn the hard way. Not sure if he had something that was larger than 3 oz but he suggested to put all my toiletries in the checked bag, which worries me for two reasons: 1 - If they lose my luggage I would be so upset to have to buy all new makeup, skincare, hair stuff and whatnot. 2 - I am concerned about the extra weight added to the checked bag. I've asked some other people and they've said to put them in the carry on and as long as it's under the 3 oz and that they also don't care if it's in a clear bag or not, it just makes it easier for them to check. Another person I asked said all the bottles must be labeled with the contents. So shampoo, conditioner, etc. Which I have not done yet but I can if it's requied. Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated!

Re: Question about toiletries

Aviator A