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Recommend Account Feature

New Arrival

An extremely helpful feature that I would love to see on the account page would be place that stores your unused travel funds. It would only need three fields: 



I have so many of these that it's frustrating to keep track of. If you could expand to include vouchers, etc, you just created a "Southwest Wallet" that stores all methods of payment in a single place. This would be SO convenient for us frequent travelers, even if manually entered each time.



Re: Recommend Account Feature

Rising Star

Great idea, I'm for it!



Re: Recommend Account Feature

Rising Star

This has been recommended before, and would be really helpful!  If I am not mistaken, however, even SW employees don't have access to a view like that. But I could be wrong about that.


My feeling is that the ability to not lose money when you change flights is so great that SW (from a business perspective) may want to keep the responsibility of keeping up with funds on their customers. And I am not sure I blame them? Again, my opinion. 

If you happen to use Concur for work travel, it keeps up with travel funds, and it is easy to apply old funds to new reservations. I love it!


I keep an email folder for all my personal travel funds, and I also not the conf numbers and amounts on my phone. 

All that said, if you would like to ensure SW gets this suggestion, please use the Contact Us link below. Thanks!


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