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Reimbursed for another airline's ticket?

Explorer C

Flight was cancelled, there are no others on the same route to book for days.


Southwest website mentions being reimbursed for reasonable "alternate transportation"?  Does another airline's plane ticket qualify for this?  Ticket will be approximately $500 one way from East Coast to West Coast. I cannot afford this otherwise.


Also, I booked my SW ticket with points, if that changes the answer at all.


Re: Reimbursed for another airline's ticket?

Aviator A

No one here can give you a firm answer. It's certainly worth submitting if you choose to travel on another airline. Having your Southwest flights booked with points does not impact anything. 



Re: Reimbursed for another airline's ticket?

Frequent Flyer C

In my opinion, given the sentiment from Southwest leadership and station managers on the current situation (and the fact that flights will not go out for another couple of days), $500/person/one-way for a last-minute cross-country flight is reasonable. You may have to provide an explanation for why you could not wait, though, which should not be that difficult. I cannot speak for Southwest, but my intuition is that they would understand and will reimburse you for this expense. Entirely your choice, but my advice would be to wait if you can.

Re: Reimbursed for another airline's ticket?

Adventurer C

Submit it,I am.