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Report of Aggressive Passenger Behavior on Flight #3138 at 6:35pm to 7:40pm from LAS to SNA Dec-23

Explorer C

Incident Report

Date of Incident: December 23, 2023

Flight Details: Southwest Flight #3138, LAS to SNA, 6:35 PM - 7:40 PM

Subject: Aggressive Passenger Behavior During Deboarding

Description of the Incident:

On December 23, 2023, during the deboarding process of Southwest flight #3138 from Las Vegas (LAS) to Santa Ana (SNA), I experienced unprovoked and aggressive behavior from a fellow passenger seated in front of me. As we were exiting the airplane row by row, the individual, identifiable by a grey shirt, accompanied with his wife. kicked me with his legs. This action seemed to stem from frustration due to a perceived lack of space. The kick was forceful and unexpected, causing me sharp pain and physical discomfort, along with visible bruising. Emotionally, I felt an immediate sense of fear, anticipating further abusive behavior, coupled with deep humiliation and anger due to the public nature of the incident.

In response, I addressed the individual firmly yet non-confrontationally, asking, "Did you really just do that in front of your wife and your family? You should be ashamed of yourself." My intention was to defuse the situation and express my disapproval of such conduct. Despite feeling scared and furious, I consciously refrained from any physical retaliation.

During the incident, a female flight attendant assigned to our flight (#3138) was present and witnessed the aggressive behavior directed towards me. Despite observing the altercation and my evident distress, the attendant did not intervene, offer support, or address the situation in any manner. This lack of response left me feeling even more unsupported and vulnerable, significantly exacerbating my emotional distress. I had expected that airline personnel would assist in deescalating the situation or at least inquire about my well-being. Unfortunately, no such assistance was offered.

Response Sought:

I am reporting this incident to bring attention to the behavior I experienced and to seek an appropriate response from Southwest. Passengers should feel safe and respected on all flights, and aggressive behavior should not be tolerated. I request that this incident be officially recorded and that I be informed of the steps Southwest takes to handle such situations and ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. Furthermore, I would appreciate any support or resources Southwest can provide to passengers who have experienced similar situations.


Re: Report of Aggressive Passenger Behavior on Flight #3138 at 6:35pm to 7:40pm from LAS to SNA Dec-

Explorer C

honestly, this whole ordeal really hit hard because it happened during the Christmas season—a time when we are, (at least most of us) all supposed to be spreading cheer and goodwill. you know, Christmas is all about peace, joy, and compassion. It's a time filled with hope and the promise of a better world. And this was only my 2nd time using southwest (the first time was my flight from SNA to LAS #2557 12/21/2023 8:25pm PST) 


But there I was, on my second-ever flight with Southwest, feeling anything but those festive spirits. Instead of holiday joy, I was left with a mix of humiliation, depression, and fear. It's quite the contrast, isn't it? I didn't expect to feel this way, especially not during what should be the happiest time of the year.


I am reporting this to the orange county police station as well. you are free to reach out to me via

Re: Report of Aggressive Passenger Behavior on Flight #3138 at 6:35pm to 7:40pm from LAS to SNA Dec-

Aviator A

sorry for your experience unfortunately no one here will have the tools to help you as this is a customer to customer forum. I’d recommend if your expecting a response from southwest that you use the contact us link at the bottom of this page that way they can investigate and deal with the situation 

Did you report the incident to the flight attendant or just assume they saw it? Flight crew is busy thanking passengers and saying bye when deplaning not looking rows back to see if people are not behaving. Did you report it to anyone? 

did you kick their seat the whole flight or something? I just find it weird someone would just say let’s kick the guy behind me just for the hell of it on my way off the plane or maybe they were drunk again we don’t know since we weren’t there 


If you have any evidence you might include that when you email Southwest (pictures of a bruise from the kick, video of altercation, names of witnesses) 

Re: Report of Aggressive Passenger Behavior on Flight #3138 at 6:35pm to 7:40pm from LAS to SNA Dec-

Aviator A

Yeah, when something like this happens, you REALLY need to say something to the fight attendant


The FA is busy trying to get a bunch of people off the plane (and also cleaning up as this is goig on)  - and you assume the FA was payung attention  to your legs in the one second that a kick occured., That is one very large assumption.

Re: Report of Aggressive Passenger Behavior on Flight #3138 at 6:35pm to 7:40pm from LAS to SNA Dec-

Aviator C

Call the police immediately.  File a report and demand that the passenger be arrested.


Merry Christmas