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Rudest flight attendant with a 2 year old child.

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Start with the fact that the flight is at 520am, with an hour drive to the airport and that means my poor 2 year old is up at we get on the flight and as the attendants are doing their announcements they literally announce "stop talking and turn off all devices" over the intercom..ok fine, rude but can be dealt with. Get my 2 year old settled with disney but he refuses to wear headphones...SCREAMING because hes exhausted and just wants to be home. First flight attendant walked by (1 hour into flight) and says hey does he have headphones..i reply with he wont wear them. She said okay just turn it down a tad..sure no problem..she walks back by and says thanks and sorry..sure i understand...well then the next flight attendant (who previously told everyone to stop talking) came for my drink order and said where are his headphones.. i replied that hes 2 and refusingto wear them..she replied that he needs to silence it immediately.. i went to reply and she rudely stated it is southwests policy and turned and walked away.. which in turn made for a screaming 2 year old and lots of crying when i had to turn it down as he refused to once again put the head phones on. I dread traveling with a child on a plane and NORMALLY southwest is very accommodating to a young childs needs as they understand its easier to have a happy child for everyone around us. I have never in my life experiencedthe level of rudeness, lack of compassion and unprofessionalism. I also cant seem to find a policy regarding headphones..


Re: Rudest flight attendant with a 2 year old child.

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@Jrightm that does not sound like a fun experience for anyone -- you, your child, the other passengers, or the crew.  My experience travelling with children has generally been good but we've had some occassions where we sure would have appreciated a warm smile or a helping hand.  We are past the temper tantrum stage in our family but early morning flights are still rough for all involved.


I am another Southwest customer like you so I don't know that there is a specific "headphones" policy but it seems like common sense in most situations (i.e. when there is not a screaming child involved) that folks would wear headphones while on the plane.  The only mention of "headphones" I'm able to find on the Southwest site is on the "In the Air" page under the "Inflight Entertainment" section:


"Let’s make time fly while you’re onboard. Our inflight entertainment options are totally free to you, so you don’t need to purchase WiFi to access them. Bring your favorite viewing device and headphones to take advantage of all the free entertainment options–the hardest part will be deciding what to watch!"


You may want to reach out to the Customer Relations team to get clarification (contact information here) on the existence of any specific policies and/or to provide feedback about your experience.


I hope your next travel experience is more relaxing for everyone.

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