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SW is confused on healthcare

Explorer C

I have been a SW member for a while now. Flying as often as I can. I am now a travel healthcare professional and fly frequently. However, since the pandemic, people are afraid to fly, including myself at times. The safety measures of "boarding in groups of 10," "face masks required," "limited beverage service," "open middle seats" were fantastic safety measures. However, in recent months the only one thing has changed "open middle seats." I am sorry Southwest how can you allow people to literally "sit on top of each other" but require everything else. IMO if you are allowing the middle seat to be open you are lifting what I think is the second if not first most important safety distancing. This virus is serious and it is killing people. Science reveals a 6 feet social distance aids in the spread of the virus. It is confusing that we have to social distance when lining up in groups of 10, wear our masks, limit our snack/beverage service, but then we are allowed to pack to planes and sit anywhere. It is concerning that this is not the best interest for SW. This is a potential CV19 spreader. I hate beating a dead horse but as a healthcare professional this is concerning. Does any one else find this odd or is it just me? IMO if middle seats are open, then boarding should go back to normal and the beverage service. It makes more sense to close the middle seats, social distance in the boarding lines, but then offer the whole snack/beverage selection, not sure why that was done either since you open a new drink for each person. 


Re: SW is confused on healthcare

Aviator A

Feel free to share your thoughts with Southwest by contacting them directly. 

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