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SWA Just Earned a Frequent Flyer’s Business!

Explorer C

Just got off flight #2213 from PDX to SMF which departed Portland on time at 5:15 am. 11/13/2018. This crew, especially the pilot, treated me like a person rather than a number and it has dawned on me how long it’s has been since that has happened. I understand airlines have policies they must follow to keep everything running smoothly but that doesn’t mean you can’t use subjective reasoning and make a different decision to benefit a flyer when it makes sense. That is exactly what this pilot of #2213 did for me.  The security lines at PDX were huge this morning—in fact the longest I have ever seen in 10 years of flying out of PDX. I fly often so I try to minimize my time in the airport and have a pretty good system. But this morning my system failed me and I came screeching in at the gate literally seconds after they took my name off the list and submitted to the pilot. Even though the gate door was still opened they would not let me on. Policy is policy. Resigned, I stood in line to get rebooked on the next flight—which wouldn’t get me in to Sacramento for another 4.5 hours. However, the pilot had seen me running to the gate and allowed me on anyway. I was shocked and elated as they added me back to the manifest. The flight was near empty and we still left on time. This is a perfect example of humanizing air travel and analyzing the situation to benefit a customer. 

To add to this great service, the inflight crew was amazing as well—so friendly and service oriented. I spilled my drink and clicked on my call button. Intuitively, the flight attendant already knew what I needed and brought me paper towels and then later brought WARM, wet paper towels to get the sticky off. I am sorry I didn’t get the names of this crew.  


I fly often for business and pleasure but usually choose United or US Airways due to availability and flight options but I have forgotten how lousy you are treated in comparison! I will be choosing SWA more frequently from now on. This whole event impressed me so much I had to join the community this morning so I could tell my story and let the crew know that they are appreciated! 

Thank you! 


Re: SWA Just Earned a Frequent Flyer’s Business!

Aviator A

Thanks for sharing your story. There are stories here from people that are bashing the airline. It's good to read one praising the airline instead.


What you experiened is normal Southwest service. It does't always work out, but in your case it did. That is why Southwest has the highest customer service rating of all US airines.


Enjoy your future flights on Southwest!

Re: SWA Just Earned a Frequent Flyer’s Business!

Aviator A

Awesome story! I highly recommend you provide your experience to SW via either their site's contact us link or Twitter. If you provide the flight details, SW's teams will ensure the right folks get recognized. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: SWA Just Earned a Frequent Flyer’s Business!

Frequent Flyer C

That's awesome! And lucky you were spotted by the pilot. I feel like that's happened to me a couple times where Southwest has made decisions like that compared to other airlines and that's a reason why I fly it so much too