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Service animals and ESA dogs

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I have about a 40 pound ESA who is certified and I have proper documentation. Because he is too big to fit under the seat, what accomodations will be made so that he can travel in the cabin with me? What is the cost?


Re: Service animals and ESA dogs

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Hi @Abicella, 


For information about traveling with an ESA, click here


If your ESA is too large to fit under the seat, we can accommodate you in the bulkhead (front row of the cabin) where the animal will have enough room. Also, you have the option of purchasing an extra seat to ensure enough room for you and your ESA, and we'll refund the seat after you've completed travel. 


Re: Service animals and ESA dogs

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I am flying with my 12lb comfort dog. What is the fee and can she sit on my lap?

Re: Service animals and ESA dogs

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I read your comment about large ESA dogs. Is it true that I can purchase a 2nd seat for my ESA dog and you will refund the 2nd seat after I complete travel?

Thank you

Re: Service animals and ESA dogs

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@shyanvz98 I'm another customer like you, this is the specific wording I found on the Southwest Customers with Disabilities page (bold emphasis added by me):


"A Customer traveling with an animal(s) that is unable to be accommodated in the space of a single seat may be required to purchase an additional ticket or rebook onto a later flight. The additional seat is not eligible for a refund after travel."


When you navigate to the page look on the left side to click on the "Trained Service Animals" link to find additional detail.  The quote I included is from that page.

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Re: Service animals and ESA dogs

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My ESA is a 90lb Dalmatian. What would I need to do for him? I don't exactly need him on the flight as much as I do the destination. 

Re: Service animals and ESA dogs


Hi @Samantha_77, visit Customers with Disabilities on our website and click on Emotional Support Animals in the left margin for full details. We look forward to welcoming you both onboard!


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