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Should I have been charged?

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Let me start by saying that I know that this is not a forum monitored by Southwest Airlines.


I am not here to complain.  I am here to explain what happened to me and ask IF my request was handled properly and whether I should seek a refund.


Myself and two friends were traveling this morning on the start of a long weekend.


We were all booked on different reservations on the same nonstop flight to our destination.


Late last night, we discovered that our nonstop flight had been cancelled.


My two friends were booked on a new connecting itinerary... AAA-CCC-BBB.  With their new connecting itinerary, they were going to arrive 3 hours after our original nonstop.


I was booked on a different route.... AAA-DDD-BBB.  I was leaving at almost the same time they were but I was going to arrive almost 5 hours after our original flight.


I called the 1-800 number and explained the situation.  I asked if I could be rebooked on the same flights my friends had been rebooked on so they would not have to wait around for two hours for me to arrive.


The gentleman at the 1-800 number told me the only way I could get on their flight was to pay a fare difference of $119.


I did not want to argue so I went ahead and paid the $119.


My question is:  Does this seem right?  Is it worth my time to contact customer relations for a refund?


Thanks in advance for your insight.


Re: Should I have been charged?

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Seems like a very legitimate reason to call and ask for a refund.   I'd be surprised if you weren't accommodated. 


Good luck. 

Re: Should I have been charged?

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If Southwest changes your flight for any reason you are entitled to either a full refund, or to change to another flight of your choosing, based on availability, at no additional cost.


Reach out to customer relations after your travel is completed, and request a refund for the additional money you paid.


Contact Customer Relations 

Re: Should I have been charged?

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IMO, you should not have been charged. In the event of a cancellation by Southwest and when Southwest rebooks you, you should have the option to make a one time change for free, even if the cancellation happens the day of your flight. Since this happened the day of, you may not have gotten the typical e-mail with the "Your flight has changed" verbiage with the option to change your flight, but in theory you should have been able to make a complimentary change online. I don't think the Southwest agent should have charged you over the phone.