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Southwest Booking Nightmare

Explorer C

Please let me know if anyone has ever experience the below with multiple credits and LUV vouchers.  My apologies for the lengthy post but I sent the following to SouthWest and still can't speak with a supervisor.  Issue has been going on for 2 weeks...


On Monday, February 14th, I attempted to book a roundtrip ticket from XXXX to XXXX for my son and I via the Southwest website.   I could not complete the transaction.  My son and I have multiple flight credits amounting to $251.00 each from our previous flights due to Southwest changing the rates multiple times.  The website does not allow more than three forms of payment, therefore, I called Customer Service to assist.

I spoke with a very pleasant woman named Shelly.  Unfortunately, Shelly was unable to book the tickets at the time due to our accounts being “frozen” and she communicated she would need to call me back.  Shelly called back in the late afternoon and advised she was able to split my son’s credit amounts between a confirmation number and LUV voucher and all my credit amounts were requested to be moved to a LUV voucher.  Shelly advised she escalated the request and that I would receive the LUV vouchers within 48-72 hours.  Once I received the vouchers, Shelly advised to call back Customer Services to book the flights as they placed the flights on hold.  She provided a confirmation number for the roundtrip reservation.

On Tuesday, February 15th, I received my son’s LUV Voucher but did not receive mine.  I called Southwest Customer service on Thursday, February 17th to inquire why I received my son’s but not mine.  The person I spoke with indicated they did not have a manager and no way to escalate my issue and that the Corporate Care Department would call me back in 10-day business days.  As an individual who works full time, this is not pleasant to hear as my work schedule might not allow me to answer my personal cell at any given time.  I had to call back again and ask to speak with someone higher up and I was transferred to Ana (Care Coordinator) who was very helpful and truly understanding of my frustration of trying to book the flight.     Ana was truly a pleasure to work with as she understood that a call back 10 business days later is not a resolution for my issue.  She took her time and escalated my LUV voucher again and stated I would receive it in 48-72 hrs.

Today, February 24th, I called back again and spoke with Tiffany (Care Coordinator), she completely understood my frustration and was trying to assist me but was disconnected somehow.  She did not call back, therefore, I had to call back again.  I then spoke with Latisha (Care Coordinator – Office code 86-GA).  Latisha was unprofessional, argumentative, and lacked empathy.  Latisha appeared to have an attitude as soon as she joined the call and communicated, she could do nothing other than escalate to the Corporate Care Department and I would receive call back in 10 business days.  She indicated the LUV Voucher could take up to 30 days to be received and I questioned how that could be when Southwest is only holding my reservation till 3/1/2022?? Would I lose the hold?? Latisha could not answer me as it did not make sense.  How upsetting would that communication be to a customer that has been trying to book a flight for over 2 weeks to find no resolution once again.  Latisha then quoted “you get what you receive” when I communicated to her that she is not helpful and showing no compassion to my situation as she implied I was being rude.  Latisha is not an individual that should represented Southwest and truly needs coaching on how to speak to your customers when emotions are running high.   She does not embody the business culture Southwest presents.   I recommend pulling the recorded session of the call to hear how she communicated to your customer.

I have repeatedly requested to speak with a supervisor many times on the above calls and have failed to be connected to one.  All your representatives indicated they are unable to do so.  I have never dealt with a corporation before that does not have supervisors to speak to when dealing with these types of escalations.

I’m desperately seeking resolution as I would like to continue to be a Southwest customer but honestly after experiencing the above, I find it hard to keep my business with Southwest.  I have lost many hours of my personal time over the past two weeks that I will not get back from just trying to book a flight.   I have been a loyal customer since Southwest acquired AirTran and I’m very disappointed in the way I’ve been treated.


Re: Southwest Booking Nightmare

Aviator A

Since this is a customer to customer forum you won't get any response from Southwest here.  Your situation is interesting since I have never heard of Southwest being willing/able to convert/combine travel funds to a single LUV voucher.  Because of that particular issue I have my doubts about the legitimacy of this story.

However, if you or anyone is in this situation again, there are numerous discussions about how to combine multiple travel funds into a single one, I even shared the following YouTube link recently.

This would be the best way to handle the situation quickly and without needing to contact Southwest.



Re: Southwest Booking Nightmare

Aviator A

I'm curious when you say they are holding your reservation till 3/1 I have only heard of a 24 hour hold and 3/1 is more than 24 hours away and the 24 hour hold on southwest only held your seat not the fare. 


Also it sounds like the first few agents were helpful and only 1 wasn't why not just call back and maybe you will get another helpful agent. 


When you say your account was frozen did you break rules to have that happen?