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Travel funds

Explorer C

I have unused travel funds that I am trying to use on a trip at the end of January/beginning of December. It is allowing me to use a portion of them, but not all of them. I have myself and another passenger, however it is not even letting me use enough to pay for my ticket. Also, am I able to use unused travel funds and points for travel?


Re: Travel funds

Aviator A



Any traveler should be able to use his own travel funds any way he wants. The proviso is that all travel MUST be completed within one year of the date of the purchase of the ticket that turned into travel funds. So a roundtrip with a date on either side of the expiration date would not work.


Also, there's not a way to combine point and travel funds to buy a ticket. You could use travel funds to buy a one way out, and points to buy a one way back.


Also you can't use your travel funds to buy a ticket for someone else.They are only for your use.