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Re: Traveling with a peanut allergy

Explorer C

I also have had to deal with this allergy for my entire life, and it has only gotten worse. 


Before I get into the extremely frustating part, I would rather bring up what I think are two very simple options moving forward. 

1. Do not make travelers go out of their way to find the disabilities page when booking a flight to mark they have an allergy. Instead, upon confirming the booking of your flight simply add the following boxes to "check if they apply"

- I have a peanut allergy

- i will request special assistance


2. Permanently mark me as someone who suffers from a peanut allergy- link my rapid rewards number, email address, or phone number 



3. since it is impossible to guarantee a peanut free flight simply avoid serving peanuts all together -this eliminates a lot of the issue to begin with 

-as well as have the flight attendants mention that there is an allergy and it would be appreciated if passengers refrain from eating them 


Now- here is what the issue has been with Southwest specifically- and dont' get me wrong, I love Southwest. 

1. If someone else is booking my flight- ie company, other family, boyfriend etc, they don't know to go and mark that I have a disability. So when it comes to boarding I alert the flight attendants and they almost seem put out. I simply say " i have a severe nut allergy, if there is any way that you serve an alternative snack that would be great. I will not be a liability to you as I carry an epi pen, but an announcement would be greatly apreciated as well. 




Re: Traveling with a peanut allergy

Explorer A

When booking online there is a question as to whether or not a passenger has a peanut allergy. Checking off a box is all that is needed.