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Traveling with children

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I have a few questions...

  My four year old has a seat on the plane.  He will not be using a carseat on the plane but we have to bring it to have when we get to our destination.  That doesn't count as one of his bags, right?  And, can we check it in when we check in our baggage?  We don't need to take it to the gate. 

  My one year old is traveling on my lap.  I don't need her carseat on the plane.  Can I check both a carseat and a traveling crib for her and they won't be counted as baggage?  Then her stroller gets checked at the gate, right? 



Re: Traveling with children

Active Member

Hi @mpometto


Yed you can check the items mentioned with your bags at the ticket counter. And you can tag your stroller then take it with you to be gate checked. 


I know your lap baby can check her car seat for free. Let's page @LindseyD to find out about the travel crib. 🙂

Re: Traveling with children

Retired Community Manager

Hi @mpometto



Glad to know we'll be welcoming you and your little ones onboard! Per our Contract of Carriage, one stroller and one Child Restraint Device (car seat) per fare-paying Passenger will be accepted subject to a limited release of liability, as outlined in Section 7h. Southwest Airlines will accept the items without charge and will not count toward a Passenger’s free Checked Baggage allowance. A traveling crib, if it is in excess of the two bag limit per paying Customer, will count as an additional bag. Make sense? Hope that's helpful!