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changing flight time

New Arrival

hello. I am new to this but question.  southwest is the only airline I fly. can I change the flight time after booking.  example: I book a flight  one way for $180 and a week later I see that flight dropped to $140 can I change to that flight either different time or same time? hope you understand what I'm trying to say.  plus how many times are you aloud to change each way?. 


Re: changing flight time

Top Contributor

Yes, Southwest lets you turn in a ticket for any other ticket that might be priced cheaper (or more expensive for that matter).  There's no charge for doing so. When you do so you get a "travel fund" which you may use to buy another ticket. Such new ticket would be for travel that would been to be completed within one year of the day the original ticket was purchased.


You may trade in tickets an unlimited number of times.


Travel funds and any new tickets would need to be used by the person whose name was on the original ticket.