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Southwest takes no responsibility for anything

Explorer C

  This was received for the third time after Southwest damaged the very luggage I had in various other flights with no problem! Not only was it damaged but it was went down the ramp open and all exposed once retrieved there were items missing! It is stated that they are sorry? It was over packed. But nothing about the missing items or the attached receipt for a new suitcase ! No one should ever fly this airlines as they are non communicative not responsible and clearly have baggage handlers that steal and don’t care about what happens to one’s luggage.

Good morning,

You are a valued Customer and we would never intentionally do anything to jeopardize that relationship. At the same time, however, we have a responsibility to be consistent in our claim resolution procedures and apply them fairly to each claim.

Although we certainly do not want to disappoint you further, our records indicate that when you reported this damage to the Houston Baggage Service Office it was determined that your luggage was over-packed. In most cases, luggage seams, handles, and wheels cannot withstand the undue pressure received when the bag is packed in excess of the amount it was designed to hold. For this reason, Southwest Airlines accepts no liability for damage to luggage when it is determined that the bag has been improperly packed.

Based on your request for reconsideration, your claim has been carefully re-evaluated with the Management of Customer and Baggage Services. We have concluded that the decisions concerning your claim are in complete accordance with our policies and found no new information that would cause us to alter our original decision.

We regret that our response could not be more favorable. We hope that you will understand our position and that you will not allow this experience to permanently tarnish your image of our airline.




Re: Southwest takes no responsibility for anything

Frequent Flyer B

It was over packed? 

Re: Southwest takes no responsibility for anything

Aviator C

I would deny the claim too.  If the bag was so full it was ready to pop then that's the traveler's responsibility.