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Fortune's Most Admired Companies

Adventurer C
Fortune magazine has just released its list of America's Most Admired Companies, and Southwest Airlines ranked fifth of all the companies that were surveyed!  Companies were scored in eight key areas, Innovation, People Management, Use of Corporate Assets, Social Responsibility, Quality of Management, Financial Soundness, Longterm Investment, and Quality of Products/Services. Needless to say, we are honored to be in the Top Ten of America's Companies again this year.  For the specific information about Southwest, click here.
Adventurer B
Southwest should be ranked #1. They are the GREATEST company in the world!!!!!
Explorer C
Due to the success of Southwest's reputation and ranking on the Fortune 500 List, I have chosen to lookin to the company for a class assignment. I have created my own Southwest blog, come take a look.
Adventurer A
CONGRATS!!! You should be ranked number one but of course that is just my opinion..... USS BLOG BOY
Frequent Flyer B
I definitely agree with Jeramy & Francisco. Southwest is #1! 🙂
Adventurer B
Mengo, I'd be intersted in seeing that! I'll check it out when I get home!
Adventurer C
Mengo, I just visited your site. Wow... great job, I loved it! You did such a nice job with the design and your stories were fun to read! Thank you.
Explorer C
How funny... I was actually going to write up my own top three tonight on my blog when I came across this entry and the link to that article! Talk about evidence for that whole collective subconscious theory... By the way, SWA was going to be number two on my top three list, just behind Google and just ahead of Costco.
Adventurer C
No surprises there!! If I was younger and didn't travel so much with SW I would surely consider working for them!! Congrats to all of you!!
Explorer C
My family and I have been flying Southwest for years and we could not be more impressed with your services! Your best features are the low prices, priority seating with children, first come first served seating, and the ability to print boarding passes from home. Southwest is the only airline we will use!
Frequent Flyer B
Angela, I agree wholeheartedly with Jeramy, Leah and USS Blog offense to the first four on the list, but helllloooooo? General Electric? Toyota? Do you see dozens of articles per year written about the folks working at GE or Toyota and how much they love their jobs? Do you see things about how the customers of those four firms are just in love with the companies? Are there blogs where people can rave about how fantastic their refrigerator is and what great service they received on it? As far as my fellow bloggers and I feel, regardless of how Fortune ranked 'em, Southwest IS number one, always HAS been, and always WILL be. Whatever is number two is wayyyyy down the list! Kim 🙂
Explorer C
Doesn't surprise me. I've been an SWA customer for 20 years. Whenever, wherever I travel on business or for personal pleasure, I fly SWA. What I like most about Southwest is genuine customer service - even during the toughest of times when things become challenging - weather, mechanical delays, and the like. You're treated like a human being. Where Southwest accels is communication. As a customer, you're never in the dark, wondering what's next. Good news or bad, someone gets on the horn and communicates. At the ticket counter, gate house or on board - Southwest Associates greet you with a pleasant attitude and great sense of humor. What can I say - I have a deep passion for SWA and its people. 😃
Explorer C
I have to say that I am sorely disappointed in SWA. I have been a member of their Rapid Rewards program for years. Now, I find I can't make Rapid Rewards reservations because there are not Rapid Rewards seats available. Sounds like Continental and American to me! What a shame. I've got two Rapid Rewards Credit Cards. Well, now that I can't get a reservation there's no sense of me using them any more. I've always been a big fan of their program. No longer!!!!!
Explorer C
Dont fall all over each other trying to kiss the companys feet. I used to think they were the best, but not anymore. The way they held up bookings for the summer for so long and then came out with prices higher than any other carrier was pathetic. It looks like it is killing their bottom line right now too. Their not selling enough seats and the stock is down again. I guess most of their good customers like I was bought seats on the competition. I bought 7 tickets to Orlando and 4 to Las Vegas. None of these are on SW because I got them a lot cheaper elsewhere. They are going to have to show me they are not just another airline for a while before they get me back. I dont think I have ever been so disappointed in any company before. That top 10 rating would be in serious jeopardy if the pole were retaken right now.
Explorer C
Congrats to Southwest for making the list...again. I'm always cheering for my former employer. I left (retired) from SWA a few years ago and although I work for a company who makes that same list, it's just not the same. Keep up the great work. Keep caring for each other and for our Customers.
Explorer C
Hi guys, Im really interested in Southwest and the employees! I think the relationship between them is what keeps Southwest topping lists such as these! Could anyone give me any info on what keeps the employees so happy?? Laura xxx
Explorer C
5th place is nice, but 1st is better. So, congradulations to Continental Airlines for being the best airline on this planet and the U.S. Actually, 5th place is really not all that nice. Not only is Continental the best, but you also get assigned seats, First Class, blankets, and meals.
Aviator C
Mr. Denman, We certainly congratulate Continental in their ranking in the airline category, but they didn't even finish in the top 20 in the overall corporate standings. Incidentally, the ranking for Most Admired Airline was almost a dead heat between Continental and Southwest with just .80 separating the two. Brian
Explorer C
I agree with Rose (March 10, 2007). I am a huge SW fan, but the new Rapid Rewards system is a big disappointment. The rewards are viturally useless!