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Last Flight

Aviator C
A lot of you are probably too young to remember the fall of South Vietnam, but it was a very tumultuous time.  The Flight International blog has posted a video taken 33 years ago on the last flight from DaNang to Saigon.  Besides the heroics of the World Airways Crew on the flight, the durability and toughness of Boeing aircraft are displayed in the video.
Adventurer B
That video is simply unreal. It is indeed a testament to the crew and the aircraft and the journalists who covered that story.
Frequent Flyer B
Adventurer C
I remember. Think of this next time your SWA flight is delayed an hour by thunderstorms. Perspective.
Explorer A
Thanks for sharing this piece of history with us.. Was this an american airline???
Aviator C
Hey Francisco, Yes they are an American company. At the time of the video and through part of the 80s, World Airways was headquartered in Oakland. Brian
Explorer C
i was stationed at danang air force base from mar 68-69... this video brought back some memories...i later worked for eastern an aside..i worked part time (while in the air force) for pan am writing tickets for the married guys to bring their wives from the mainland to honolulu for r & r...pan am ran all of the r & r flights in and out of viet nam...and i will never forget the great job that their people did...
Explorer C
I was taking a flight from Las Vegas to North Carolina the other day and a guy on the plane was playing a movie on his laptop. I was 1 seat behind him and across the aisle. I could see his complete screen. There were people in the other 2 seats in the row he was in (he was in the aisle seat), There wewre also people across the aisle from him. . There were a couple of full frontal nude and sex scenes in the movie and I was at a loss for what to do. Should I have informed him directly that I could fully see his screen and that I don't watch those type of movies and was offended or should I tell the steward/ess. I turned towards the window, put my headphones on and closed my eyes. I probab ly should of done more, but this was the first time I've ever seen someone watch that type of movie on a plane. I assume it was rated R. I feel bad about not speaking up. What do you think I should of done?