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Love on a Plane

Explorer C

Jonathan & ValerieJonathan & ValerieIt was 7 a.m. on Friday, May 9, 2015, and both Jonathan and Valerie had a flight to catch! Jonathan was traveling to Panama City, Florida, to be in his friends’ wedding. Valerie was flying to Houston, Texas, to visit her sister Gloria.


Jonathan boarded the plane first. Then Valerie sat one row in front of him. Thanks to Southwest Airlines’ open seating policy, Jonathan got out of his seat and asked Valerie if he could sit with her! Valerie was surprised and very happily said, “Yes!” They flew through the air for a couple hours and in this amount of time went from complete strangers to friends.


As they soared through the sky, Jonathan and Valerie shared stories and laughed. Jonathan even bought her a drink! They exchanged numbers and went on their way to their separate vacations.


A couple of weeks later, after the two had returned from their trips and went back to reality, Jonathan reached out to Valerie and asked to take her on a date. Now they are engaged to get married on October 22, 2016!

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