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Now Packing Up For Winter: January and February 2019 Schedules Now Available!


Ah, summertime. Three things are guaranteed each summer: one, HEAT! Two,full flights. And three, Network Planning publishes the January schedule. That happened this morning, extending our schedule out through March 6, 2019.


Some interesting changes to our schedule always await as we move from the holiday season schedule into the heart of winter of the new year, and this one’s no exception. Let’s discuss!


As always, this is a re-optimized schedule, and as our unique optimization system is improved and enhanced, it allows us to implement significant changes to our network. This in turn enables Southwest to better utilize our assets and serve our Customers. A few notable call-outs are:


  • Dallas/Love Field:
    • New nonstop service daily to:
      • Charleston (CHS)
      • Ft. Myers/Naples (RSW)
      • Jacksonville (JAX)
      • Louisville (SDF)
      • Milwaukee (MKE)
      • Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP)
      • Panama City Beach (ECP)
  • Increased service to eight existing destinations nonstop from Dallas (DAL)
  • Newark
    • Replacing Newark (EWR)to Indianapolis (IND) nonstop flights with returning Newark (EWR) to Nashville (BNA) service
  • Ft. Myers
    • Returning seasonal, Saturday or Sunday service to six destinations


The seasonal additions to Ft. Myers and the rest of Florida reflect an interesting and long-standing pattern. For decades, the annual “snowbird” migration has allowed people to escape the cold of Northern winters for Florida’s warm winters and sunshine. It’s interesting to note that our seasonal additions to the January and February schedules may help to facilitate this common winter migratory pattern!


With these changes to our winter schedule, we look forward to the upcoming opportunities to connect our Customers to what’s important in their lives in 2019.  


As always, if you have questions, please leave a comment and we’ll respond. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Adventurer C

Thanks Bill! Good to see your summary article return and looking forward to the Spring Break release on Aug 16th!

For MSP (my home), great to see DAL become a daily addition. A good mix starting to really show up at MSP now.

Lastly, it does appear MCO was a Nov/Dec Saturday-only. I don't think this was the case in 2017, so this is also good news! 

Keep up the additions. Let's work on a LAS being 2x daily! It's too short of a seasonal spring flight as it is.



Aviator A

@Bill you seem to have left off the Hawaii flights. It's ok, everyone makes mistakes, but I suggest you go back and get those added to the list and repost asap.




Explorer C


Explorer C

Really disappointed that PIT-LAX has been cut to Sunday-only in this extension. As someone who flew that route a couple years ago, I'm not thrilled with this at all.

Explorer C

Increased service to existing destinations from Dallas. Any reason why those 8 cities are not named.

Explorer C

I just had a horrible experience on board a Sw flight from Amarillo to Dallas.  As I boarded, a flight attendant  told me I could not sit in the exit row.  I asked her what was wrong with me.  She  said only I knew that and never responded again.  I moved to the next row, not realizing it was also an exit row, and she called in the supervisor and another attendant as she said it was too late to move me.  I answered  that I would open the door, very frustrated and crying by this time, humiliated, embarrassed, answered that I had never done it before, but I would certainly do it.  I am a normal weight, active, workout 5 days per week, Grey headed . I am educated, alert, ambulatory, lift weights, and fly regularly.  I have researched and still I do not know why I was singled out and profiled for this embarrassment.  The  attendant  named Sue was a hostile and aggressive older lady.

Explorer C

Looks like the Grand Rapids (GRR) to Denver (DEN) non-stops are now gone with the new schedule release... 


Is that permanent?


Is that indictive that GRR is likely to lose more (or all) SWA service?

Explorer C

For what months is SMF-BWI discontinued?

Explorer C

When will Hawaii be published?  I'm hoping for a late 2018 start-up!!! 

Explorer C

Anyone have any idea why IND-LAX became seasonal? Very successful route in the IND market with nearly every flight fully booked. Hopefully, the downgraded service is just for JAN and FEB ony and returns to full year round service in MAR.

Explorer C

Why , oh why, did the one direct flight a day between BWI and SMF get cancelled? Now my 13-year old grandson can no long travel to see me!!

Adventurer C

Jagmend - possibly seasonal? Looks like it’s there all summer that I can see