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Three's A Crowd

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Several months ago, my husband and I received the most shocking news of our life. It was our first sonogram and we were giddy invisioning our first child. The doctor looked at my husband and said "Please don't hate me." Were my dreams of a family coming to a crashing hault? To our surprise, we were blessed with beyond measure with three. TRIPLETS! I've recently become noticeably pregnant which brings on a number of questions from the general public. I'm often asked "Do you know what you are having?" This presents an interesting dilemma for me. I could be truthful and respond with "Two girls and a boy" which creates a little shock followed by more questions about triplets. Or I could lie and avoid the extra fifteen minutes of triplet questions. People ask some very interesting questions about triplets. Usually I answer truthfully unless I'm in a rush. Another question I'm asked is "When are you due?" More often than not, I misunderstand the question for "What do you do?" and answer Marketing for Southwest Airlines. I LUV my job and I'm always proud to admit I work for Southwest. I guess I'm quickly learning it isn't all about me anymore. To the original question I answer 08/08/08. My due date is a pretty cool date even though our birthdate will be weeks earlier. We are spending the coming months preparing our home and our lives to be triplet parents. We are really excited to introduce three new faces to the Southwest Family.
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Congrats! :-) Joe!
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good luck with them. I had twins, nothing like three of course, and packed on the weight so that at about 18 weeks I looked like someone carrying one at full time. I remember a trip to a skin doctor to get a mole removed in the last week or two when everyone at that office came out to watch me waddle down the hallway, whispering to each other things like (wow, she looks like she's going to drop any minute!) as if I was deaf as well as pregnant. You could always be rude, and when someone asks you what are you having, say chickens, piglets.
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Twins here, too, though not personally if you know what I mean. 😉 My recommendation is to make getting them on the same schedule the first order of business. In other words, when one wakes to eat, feed the other two, etc. Unmatched schedules with twins is one thing... I can only imagine how much more chaos a third would be! Congratulations, and best wishes! I'm expecting a follow-up blog post with pictures come August. 😄
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Manager of Online Products.. seems like a good place to suggest Mobile Ding! 🙂 Many of us are busy out and about. If we could get say, a text message with a nice link to a mobile ding site... that would be awesome :) Terrible twos... times three. May God have mercy on your soul 😛
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Congrats, what a blessing!! Good luck!
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Talk about false advertising... I saw this headline in my RSS feed and thought it was going to be about how Southwest has almost succeeded in running Frontier out of DEN!
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Hollee -- Congratulations! I can see where this would be slightly overwhelming news! However, I would suggest that when people ask you if you know what you're 'having' (an incorrect use of the present tense of the verb, unless they ask you while you're actually in labor 🙂 ), you simply respond with "some babies", and let 'em wonder the rest! You and your husband are in for a wonderful time of blessing, heartache, great joy, pride, embarrassment and learning, all times three. Try to focus on the first one and know that He wanted you to have three blessings! And, if you want a daunting mental challenge, try to picture yourselves being able to commandeer 5/6ths of an entire row on a Southwest 737 in a few years! Best wishes always, Kim External Blog Boy, whose children are old enough that they no longer WANT to sit with their parents on a plane 🙂
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WOW! Congratulations! now that's pretty impressive... triplets! quite cool! :o)) what a way to expand the family! :o)) keep us updated!
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Explorer C
Congratulations! That is awesome 🙂
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I'm trying to find help with an important issue and because you're a marketing manager for Southwest, I figure you're the only one of these blogs that can help. Southwest recently sent me a solicitation for a credit card and, because you are now in my airline market, I applied only to be rejected because they couldn't find any information about me in Experian. Guess why!!! I don't owe any money to anybody and I pay my bills before they're due. Thus, I obviously have no credit rating although I have a USAir Visa (for about 30 years now) and another credit card for emergencies. They should have shown up on the credit report, right? No matter. I have 14 segments and must add two more for my free ticket but don't plan to fly in the next few months. You're going to be plenty busy after those triplets arrive so how about getting on this issue right away. I'd really appreciate it. And, best of luck with the instant family.
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Congratulations! I guess that you will have to fly another airline after the kids get over 5 years old. Because of the new boarding policies, no matter how hard you try, you will be in the third or fourth boarding group trying to keep your kids together on a crowded plane. Try getting in your car with three 6 year old boys, much less boarding the airplane. Oh well they can fend for themselves because they are adults at Southwest. Throw in an extremely rude Baltimore gate agent that exhibit disdain for kids, and two fight attendants that make comments like "there are too many kids on this plane" and "It's miserable today with all the spring break families." for a great time. It equates to an airline that has made a choice to discriminate against families with kids. Good luck with that plan. I fly multiple business segments a month as well as having kids, and I have many choices. Since March, this incident has directed 10k $ in flights to other airlines. Anyway congratulation on the triplets, maybe with kids you will have a inside view of the family policies at SW.