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Yesterday, Planet Out launched the 17th Annual Travel Awards. 

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Explorer C
It used to be until it painted that bikini clad model on its plane. What were you thinking? Does Southwest REALLY need that much money to paste Sports Illustrated's ad on its airplanes? Well it will need more money now because alot of people will fly someone elses airline. I think it is a)inappropriate b)demeaning--reducing women to sex object to sell airline tickets. c)a sign of desperation. A magazine cover? maybe but on the side of a plane??? Way over the line, unnecessary, sure to scare away some customers mainly because you are insulting us. You are insulting our values. Insulting us that if we are offended, there must be something wrong with us, not you. Get a grip. Get it off. Let's go back to the best service and ticketing policy flying not this crap.
Explorer C
After reading all the " hoopala " about the bikini clad model flying on the side of a 737, I think I may have missed something :-(. But I do have a question ;-) What does that paint job have to do with SWA and how they opperate ?. I have a lot of flights over the last 4 yrs, 50 - 60, and have always noticed a very consistent pattern with SWA. They are always focused on keeping everyone and everything moving forward in the most postive manner, all things considered. Everyone is entiteled to there view, but I often wonder if they can actully see there view, with true clarity ?. I for one will continue to use SWA as my No 1 air carrier. They are simply the best. Sincerely Shawn Anderson aka " Maguyver "
Explorer C
I considered SWA to be the #1 airline and have been a frequent flier since 1993. It appears that the reason SWA decided to use the SI model on the plane was purely to create a controversy...which would breed interest and keep their name in the news. Too bad SWA decided to stoop to this level of marketing. I would've hoped that SWA choices would have remained professional. But alas, all good things come to an end. Shame on SWA...I know I will be looking at other airlines for future business besides SWA. So I guess you can say..."win some, lose some" this case, you lost one! I'm not saying I won't fly SWA anymore, just that my loyalty is gone and my opinion of SWA has been largely diminshed.
Explorer C
I think you folks are going a little over board. Get a grip. Freaking prudes
Explorer C
I flew Delta for 15 years and had one flight on Southwest and have never gone back to Delta these folks do a great job and 95% of them really act like they enjoy their job, go get them Southwest I just made your" A" team and am proud of it,let the gay A-----s fus about something else.
Explorer C
I work for SWA, all I can say about the SI plane is just put a hunky man on next time..:)
Explorer C
Does anyone remember that swa flight attendants used to wear hotpants? Wasn't this some type of marketing to get people to fly their airline? I, for one do not care what is painted on the plane, but the kind of service I receive is crucial. Are the same people that are offended by this offended that a sports magazine puts a bikini issue out? I don't get it.....