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Re: A-List Prefered Boarding

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@Chris8550 wrote:

I have also cancelled for A-59,  and A-37..   Cancelled and booked Alaska Airlines,  which I have never flown before this change as I was a loyal SWA fan.     Due to the new policy (and every A-List Preferred member knows SWA made a change...we talk)

Funny you "know" about a new policy because this Community is frequented by a good number of frequent flyers who don't think there's some new policy.  And if you're cancelling flights even after getting an A position because it's A30+ I would suggest open seating is not a good fit for you.


I think what we're all trying to say is there is most likely a very logical explanation for this, including the possibility of something incorrect with your account, last minutre purchases, or that you are on flights with lots of other ALP flyers who took positions A16-A36 and the idea of Southwest screwing over ALP flyers on purpose is silly.





Re: A-List Prefered Boarding

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Exactly Right.  I was a stock  holder in Southwest  until a few weeks ago.  Fly every week, alist preferred , wife on companion.


Just got boarding for trip tomorrow- wife got A-52 - I got B-2 ???  Last week , took 21 hours to get from LA to Orlando.  This week, took 12 hours to get from providence to Orlando.  Not all Sw fault but still.


All of my colleagues use Delta or AA.  They fly first class and spend off times in lounges. I used to brag about service and companion pass.  Looks like it’s time to review and make some decisions.  I did sell our stock, not excited about SW as a company anymore.

Re: A-List Prefered Boarding

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Lounges are sure nice - I got the Amex Platinum for that purpose allowing access to the Centurion Lounge - mostly not convenient for Southwest's concourses except in Seattle. I had a lot of business in Las Vegas and used it there quite a bit as well. 


One of the side benefits is membership in Priority Pass, so if there isn't a convenient Centurion Lounge, you can go to the Priority Pass route which adds a few additional locations. 


The company has been strong in its sector, so I hope it paid off on your having it for a while. 



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Re: A-List Prefered Boarding

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@DancingDavidE wrote:


One of the side benefits is membership in Priority Pass

+1 for Priority Pass, we've used it literally all over the world, it's available as a benefit with multiple different credit cards.

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Re: A-List Prefered Boarding

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I’ve been a list / preferred for many years and have never seen this as a problem.  The only time I get a B or C boarding pass is:


-It’s a high traffic business route, and there are a LOT of frequent fliers


-I book less than 24hrs before check in. 


-I change less than 24 hrs before check in.


Ive been able to easily understand the boarding assignment just by flying a lot, surprised some people think there are widespread problems.

Re: A-List Prefered Boarding

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Never gotten a lower boarding position worse than my companion. Companion boarding pass has always been immediately after mine. Had companion pass for the past 5 years or so.