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Alerts on App not working

Explorer C

I have not received an alert for months telling me when it's time to check-in on the app.  Is anyone else having this problem?


Re: Alerts on App not working

Aviator A

Apple or Android?  Have you reinstalled?  Updated to the latest version?  Double checked you are logged in?



Re: Alerts on App not working

Aviator A

I've never seen an alert to check in only an alert telling my my position is A34 for flight 123 and I think the only reason I get that alert is because I'm A List and automatically checked in. 


One of my friends (who's not A List) flew today and the 2 alerts they got were 1 saying the airport will be busy to arrive early and the 2nd saying now boarding flight 123


I do think a it's time to check in push notification or your flight is delayed notification would be nice though because not everyone stares at the app all day to see if a delay occurred. Best bet is to submit your feedback to Southwest directly though. 



Re: Alerts on App not working

Aviator A

I don't think I've ever gotten an alert telling me to check in - when would they send this? Not everyone checks in right at 24 hours (although many do). I do get an alert *after* I've checked in telling me my boarding position. I also get an alert when the plane is boarding, but that's about it.