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Baggage transfer

Explorer C

Hi! First time flying, so quite nervous. Want to make sure everything goes smoothly.


I'm flying from MKE to ONT, but change planes in Las Vegas (LAS). Both flights are on Southwest Airlines. I was wondering if my checked baggage will be transfered automatically?


Re: Baggage transfer

Aviator A

Yes. When you check your bags in MKE, they will be routed to ONT with the regular white printed bag tag plus a pink “transfer” tag. Just pick them up in ONT!


I always double check the bag tag when I check in just to make sure it’s right. You can do the same for peace of mind. 


Happy travels!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Baggage transfer

Aviator A

The main exception is if you gate check something, especially baby gear that you may want to have inside the connection airport you can choose to have it brought up at the gate, and then check it back at the gain again when you re-board the next leg.


I think luggage that you gate check - for instance due to absence of overhead space, they will send through to the ultimate destination.





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