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Gate agent G7 Honolulu flight 732 to Maui

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I had a gate agent in Honolulu while boarding flight 732 from gate G7 to Maui tell me she was god - and said I shouldn’t be able to board the plane without an n95 mask because white people spread diseases. I am actually not even white I’m Native American and very offended by this. I’m going to reach out to us department of transportation and attorney general. 

This happened on January 1st at 2:55pm

I have flown 7 times in last 45 days and mostly with southwest. What offensive treatment. 


Re: Gate agent G7 Honolulu flight 732 to Maui

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This is a customer to customer forum. I suggest you contact Southwest Customer Relations. 

Contact Customer Relations



Re: Gate agent G7 Honolulu flight 732 to Maui

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Well, just as a Pastor recently stated that Donald Trump, was the 2nd coming of the Messiah, you just have to take some people with a grain of salt.  Not being there I really can't make any definitive comments or suggestions except follow through with what you plan to do.  Regardless that I'm Native American myself, I've seen crazy people of all races, including other Natives, all over this country.  If this was a true experience, then you have every right to report it.  


@Thomas221 My question is, were you not wearing a mask?  Or how did this conversation start?  


Gate Agent:?  So I'm asking, this, gate agent was an SWA employee?


Lastly, since the Native population is shown to be one of the more vulnerable populations in the toll COVID has taken on our elders/members, is it necessary that you have traveled so much.  I'm a bit disturbed by this.

Re: Gate agent G7 Honolulu flight 732 to Maui

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You're going to call the attorney general because someone insulted white people... and you're not even white?  And this person said she was God?


Wow, seems like something better to just laugh off than stew on for days.  You're the one doing the most harm to yourself at this point.  I'm pretty sure the AG won't do a thing for you... Which just means you're continuing to stress yourself out.


There are bigger problems to worry about...