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I was asked to change seats....

Explorer C

Last night on my flight from Atlanta to Kansas City I was last to board the flight. There were easily over 60 seats open when I boarded the plane but I have a particular seat that I sit in when I fly regardless of the airline, even if I have to pay for the seat. And generally it's open because no one likes sitting in the very back of the plane. My preferred seat is the LAST row on the right side (if you are facing the back) by the window. Well of course I get excited when I see that my seat is still open so I make my way to the very back, stick my bag under the seat, fasten my seatbelt, and I am ready to fly. Well that's when the FA came from the back work area and told me I had to move. So I asked her why did I have to move, and she told me because she WANTED to sit there. That's the only answer she could give. The other flight attendant was sitting in the last row across the aisle so I guess they just wanted to chitchat. No explanation was ever given. I asked the FA was it a particular seat that I needed to sit in, and she said ANY other seat but not that one and then she shooed me away with her hands. So I gathered my belongings, didn't make a scene and I moved a few rows up. I was very aggitated and my anxiety was on overdrive by this time. I sit in the back of the plane in that seat because it keeps me calm during the flight. Well of course nights of all nights no sooner than I get myself calmed down, we hit turbulence. I immediately became anxious and aggitated again enough to where I had to take a pill to settle down my nerves.This pill makes me drowsy so of course that made for a long ride home. This may sound weird but when I am in my "prefered seat" turbulence doesn't bother me at all.I remain calm, say a short prayer, and everything is fine.


So I am wondering what should I do, if anything about this situation? What should I expect my outcome to be? Letter of apology, compensation of some sort?


Your input is welcomed.


Re: I was asked to change seats....

Aviator A

Sorry to hear you had a poor experience with the crew on your flight. While you probably won't get more than a similar apology from Southwest I do think they listen to their customers and use the feedback in training and other discussions with employees. You can write a later and mail it, or for something less formal send a DM on Twitter to @SouthwestAir. Be sure to include details such as the flight number and departure/destination cities. 

Re: I was asked to change seats....

Aviator A

I know the anxiety can be tough with all the variables. Hopefully the next time a similar situation would occur the flight attendant would be happy to accomodate you if you let them know that you have a system in place to help you fly.


The ironic part is that for most people the rear of the plane near the restroom isn't a desirable spot so I'm sure the FA was wanting to stay behind everyone and usually it wouldn't be an issue.


The FA's probably look forward to those empty late-night flights so that they can sit in regular seats, but I wonder if the FA guidebook says only when they are in the last row, they may not be able to sit in front of other passengers.



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Re: I was asked to change seats....

Explorer B

Next time try explaining your situation to the FA. I think it would have made a difference if she'd known your issues. Since there were so many seats available and you boarded late she probably didn't think it mattered and you would be fine sitting futher up. You boarded late, so what if someone else had already been sitting there? I can imagine you'd either explain your situation to them and ask them to trade or you'd sit elsewhere and deal with it best you could. Try to remember FA's are people too and she probably had a very long hard day and didn't realize it was so important to you. I don't think it warrants an apology or compensation since you didn't pay extra for the seat, it's open seating and you didn't tell her anything regarding your needs.

Re: I was asked to change seats....

Explorer C

I am somewhat surprised at the responses you received regarding your inquiry about being told ( not asked) to change seats under the circumstances you described. 


Flight Attendants are people too and they are also representatives of the airline and as such are held to at least the same standard as we all are-common courtesy. The manner in which you were ordered to change seats without explanation and with the added haughty dismissive hand gesture--is unacceptable. 


 The onus is not on you as a paying passenger to provide a defense to not move in an open seating arrangement and with no valid cause--that is ludicrous.


Yes-an apology for the unprofessional behavior IS in order.