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Left my purse on the plane?! PLEASE HELP.

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I know, how can I forget my purse? I thought I had left it in my backpack for security so I when I left the plane, I did not think to double check. I have read too many horror stories of people not getting their stuff back because either other passengers steal the items or the cleaning crew steals the items. I left a black Lululemon fanny pack in the last row, on the left side, middle seat. There was about almost $100 in cash and my black card holder with my ID and credit cards. My flight was on 09/18/2022 and the flight # was 2913. The plane was from Chicago, to Dulles, and the last destination, Jackson, MI. I have called every single Southwest number of each airport and they are telling me they have not found anything. It is SO upsetting because I am being proactive about this. I am PRAYING for faith in humanity and someone turned in my bag.


Can anyone PLEASE help me with any other information I should know? A number I could call to help me? The wallet in my purse has sentimental value, that's really all I want back. I don't care for the bag and everything else.


Can anyone share any success stories with getting their forgotten items on the plane back?


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Left my purse on the plane?! PLEASE HELP.

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To try to provide encouragement, there are lots of stories from people that do get their stuff back. That typically happens when there is an easy way to ID the specific item.


Assuming you had ID in the bag, you stand a good chance of getting it back. It may take up to 30 days.


SW ships all found items to a central location where an attempt is made to match found items with those that are reported lost. The key is filing a lost item report describing the item, and hopefully your id.

Re: Left my purse on the plane?! PLEASE HELP.

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Thank you for the encouragement, and to share some update, THEY FOUND MY PURSE! I was extremely proactive in calling all the airports that the flight was headed to. The purse was found at the last destination. Because I was calling so much, they knew to call me back because they were quickly able to identify the purse. I guess there is still faith in humanity. 


I am located in Washington DC and the purse was found in Mississippi. They have to ship it in situations like this, and you have to open up a Fedex account so they can ship it to you.