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Non-sequential boarding numbers?

Explorer C

Has this ever happened to anyone? I booked our flight at Anytime fare. My minor child and I were on the same reservation. When it auto checked us, it assigned me A27 and him A32?!?!


 Why would it do that? I called the 800 number and they said that the gate check-in desk would fix this for us since he was under 12. 

No one is Ben staffed the desk until about 25 minutes before the flight and then she was super rude. She basically just told me to pound sand and that I’d have to give up my A27 spot and board with him at A32. 

This also messed up the people behind us too. Theirs was all split to heck. 

I’ve never had this happen when booking at “wanna get away” and just adding early-bird. 

Super frustrating to pay more and get less AND be treated super rudely by her as well as the gate agent. 

No one could answer why this happened or offer a fix, only “nothing we can do!”


Re: Non-sequential boarding numbers?

Aviator A

It seems to happen occasionally.


So board at A32.5 -- that's a max of four more people in front of you (28, 29, 30,31)  -- assuming everyone boards exaclty when they should.


You'll still get good seats.

Re: Non-sequential boarding numbers?

Explorer B

Don't pound sand, that just brings the worm.