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Possible Change to ticketing and Boarding

Explorer C

The Radio this morning said Southwest was exploring assigned seating in the futre. This is a open request to all Southwest executives to just say NO to assigned seating. It is a long term bad idea that will hurt the future of the airline.


One of the things that separates Southwest from all of the other airlines is the ability of the passenger to choose their own seat. For those who want first on privileges, they can pay more. If you are the last on the plane (and I have been on occasion) I still get to where I am going. Imposing assigned seating will add aggrivation prior to the flight and reminder of that aggrivation when boarding.


Southwest is different because there are not fees for everything. for bags, for certain seats, for food. This streamlined process makes the airline far more attractive to the vacation traveler and for business travelers who appriate a process that does not require extra steps for every little thing. Seeing a map of seats that are taken and the extra fees needed to pay for certain seats annoys the flyer who just wants to get where they are going without all the fees for everything. 


Right now Southwest is a haven for those who don't want to deal with what is standard for other airlines. Stay classy and true to your corporate identity.


Re: Possible Change to ticketing and Boarding

Aviator A

I agree with you, but since this is a customer forum, you are not making your case directly with  Souhwest.


To do so,click on "contact us" (below) and proceed.


Re: Possible Change to ticketing and Boarding

Explorer C

Thanks for the Tip. I will do this now.

Re: Possible Change to ticketing and Boarding

Adventurer C

I agree, unfortunately this was said in the context of finding new revenue streams.  I use to be a long time Alaska flier years ago, now when I fly Alaska I don’t like the policies, they block out most seats to drive prices up and over all that pricing structure isn’t transparent and is  inflexible. 

Re: Possible Change to ticketing and Boarding

Aviator C

What is spoiling Southwest is the gate agents and flight attendants who do not follow the Southwest policy, to name a few:


  • Family Boarding abuses
  • Carry on size, type and count
  • Insisting on sitting together
  • Saving seats

Anyone who abuses any of these policies should have their ticket cancelled, refunded and directed to another airline.  Do this for a few months and everything will smooth out.  


Too many people want to pay Southwest ticket prices but want Delta First Class accommodation.

Re: Possible Change to ticketing and Boarding

Explorer B

Ironically, after flying all my life, I prefer open seating.


I've flown a lot of times with an assigned seat.  On occasion, I board the plane and there is somebody sitting in my seat.  I tell them they are in the wrong seat.  They get mad, check their boarding pass, check their phone, drag down their carry on from the overhead and go off to find their correct seat in a huff.  Sheesh, it makes you feel like you've done something wrong.


When I was younger, I always liked a window seat.  Just sit and watch the world go by below.  Now that I'm older, I prefer sitting toward the back of the plane in an aisle seat near the lavatory.  Yes, mother nature makes the rules.


With Southwest, I check in for the flight 24 hours before.  I always get the A group.  When the plane boards, I just wait and board with the C group, walk to the back of the plane and get an aisle seat.


On long flights, I do fly first class.  What a way to go. Bottomless champagne glass, hot towels, hot nuts, hot meal.  You get treated like royalty!