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Re: RECEIPTS FOR EARLY BIRD Confirmation #KAJJP8 F. Miller

Aviator A

@LauraLempe wrote:

Good Afternoon!


I am an administrative assistant for Frances B. Miller, Confirmation <redacted> I work for MSU Denver and as a state agent we MUST have the receipt - therefore I am requesting that you send <redacted> Thank you.


FYI: This isn't actually a Southwest customer service channel, it's a customer-to-customer forum. I'd suggest you reach out to Customer Relations directly via Twitter for the quickest response. Also, for security reasons you'll want to delete the personal information you posted.



Re: RECEIPTS FOR EARLY BIRD Confirmation #KAJJP8 F. Miller

Retired Community Manager

Hi @LauraLempe,


I have edited your response to remove all personal identifying information. This is a public discussion forum, and any information you post here can be seen by anyone who visits the Southwest Community. Please review our Community User Guidelines on the Welcome and Announcements Board before continuing to participate in these forums.


For assistance with a Customer Service issue, you will need to reach out to our Customer Relations Department. The best way to do that is on Twitter (@Southwestair). 



Explorer C

My admin purchased a ticket online and emailed me a 2-page receipt.  Since it's a long trip, the company will pay for Early Bird so I can have a decent seat.  When I was reading emails on my phone and realized the reservation didn't include EB, I added it in the app.  Then I realized I don't have any way to capture that expense.  My company card requires me to provide contemporaneous documentation of the expense, so I need something to get this paid by the company as a proper charge.  This addition didn't generate an email - and I don't see any way to add to my settings that it email me changes.  I agree that getting a receipt shouldn't require a phone call and all of the gymnastics required to get one (how long will that call be? - probably not short!), nor do I think it is a manner of professional business to conduct it via Tweet.  Since I booked the ticket via Website and App, I shouldn't have to use the phone or Twitter to beg for a receipt.  I can print the itemized receipt for PAST travel from the website, I agree that it should not be difficult at all for SW to provide a receipt for PURCHASED/PENDING travel the same way.  I'm a fan of SW, so here's a way it can improve.    Hope you are listening SW!!!